Amateur Radio Station  AE6YB 

Currently, the station consists of a Kenwood TS 2000, an Ameritron ATR 20 antenna tuner, an Ameritron AL811H amplifier, a Bencher RJ-1 key, a Kenwood MC-60A microphone, Heil Proset 5 boom mic headset and a Yaesu FT-7800R duel band (2 meter/440) radio.  Other equipment include a Kenwood TS-480SAT and Buddipole for portable and back-up operation, an Allied SX-190 shortwave receiver and a Grundig Satillite 800 Millinium multiband receiver.

My antenna system is currently an all wire system.  It is a very simple and basic system consisting of two Van Gorden Shorty Allbander dipole antennas.  These two antennas are placed in opposite polarization so as to provide 360 degree coverage.  They are both attatched to a home made wooden mast and are in the inverted vee configuration, one at a height of 40 feet and the other at a height of 45 feet at the apex.  Other antennas include a 40 meter mono band  inverted vee dipole 35 feet at the apex in an East/West polarization, a 10 meter mono band dipole in an inverted vee configuration in the North/South polarization mounted at approximately 22 feet at the apex, a 2 meter ground plane antenna mounted at 25 feet, a helically wound 40 meter vertical, a 6 meter horizontal dipole and a random length longwire for receiving.  The two Van Gorden antennas were kits and the other antennas I built myself from scratch. 

I was first licensed in 1994 earning a Tech-Plus license and up-graded to General and then Amateur Extra class in early 2006.  I have been an SWL and shortwave DXer since I was a youngster (mostly using the Allied SX-190).

I enjoy all aspects of ham radio, especially chasing DX and working contests.  I also am a member of the ARRL and the Northern California Contest Club.

With this modest station, I have worked all states, all Canadian Provinces, all continents and numerous countries around the globe including many DXpeditions and special event stations. 
73 and good DX,
Will - AE6YB